It's Yushi!!!

Yushi's are Da Mushrum Kingdum equivalent to the Yoshis.

Da Mushrum KingdumEdit

In Da Mushrum Kingdum, Yushi's are carnivorous. They eat just about anything human and nonhuman.

Malleo Golf Toadz Tool TourEdit

In Malleo Golf Toadz Tool Tour, they have a special move called the Yushi Strike.


Yushis are known to eat Marios, Luigis, Peachs (not the fruit), Daisys (not the flower), Bowsers, Koopas, Koopalings, Goombas,Yoshis, Mirrors, Bagels, Toads, Malleos, Weegees, Daizees, Peechs, Bowzas, Kupas, Kupalings, Gumbas, other Yushis, Toadz, and of course, lottsa spaghetti.

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