Weegee was born about 30 years ago to Papa Weegee and Mashesh. He was put up for adoption by his parents due to poor living conditions and was adopted by Fortran, the ruler of the United 'Gees Universe back then. Fortran already had a son named Malleo at the time. Malleo became Weegee's stepbrother. Under normal circumstances, Malleo would enherit Fortran's throne after he died, but in this case he enherited it after Fortran gave it up when Malleo turned 18 so he could fulfill his dream of being a chef. Fortran also gave Weegee a place as the second ruler around that time. Around this time, Papa Weegee and Mashesh became rich due to word leaking out that they were Weegee's parents. Some time later they had two sons named Awheeo and Deegee, which they kept and raised. Malleo wasn't very fit as a ruler, so Weegee did most of the duties which is why he is more famous. To this day, Weegee rules the United 'Gees Universe and is known almost everywhere. He has a son named Samaweegee who eventually betrayed him and joined Al Qaeegee.  his eyes are BLUE *epic dun dun dun sound* (many lives where lost gaining this information)


weegee death stare:HE MAKE U WEEGEE CLONE


immortality:weegee cant die so he will probley be ruler for a LONG TIME

good way of taking care of yushees:weegee hatched the first yushee and is knowen as mama weegee by all yushees

flying:he can fly

teleporting:he can teleport

DIE (insert name): when he says die then says a guy's name that guy DIES

GAME OVER (insert name):same as DIE but cant be revived and cant respawn

FIRIN HIS LAZOR:blast laser and whoever gets touched by it either DIEs or becomes a WEEGEE clone

many forms:hes able to use any power up in games and has dark,god,ultimate forms

63px-Weegee Pupiler
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