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News[edit | edit source]

I'm finally back!!![edit | edit source]

I, the creator of this wikia, have returned. I have no idea how long I was gone, but I promise to contribute as much stuff as I can.

UnYoshi Might Not Come![edit | edit source]

UnYoshi never managed to make it.  He came down with a feeling of depression after accidentally killing King Nokokama, the Yoshi King of the Forbidden Lands.  Whether he will actually come or not remains to be seen....

News Flash!!!![edit | edit source]

Dawful has finally been killed permanently! After 25 months of grueling battle with the zombies, Soopeh Smartio (just Smartio) managed to destroy Dawful's body by incinerating it, leaving no trace of him. After he died, the zombies returned to normal. What happenes next remains to be seen.

Reports[edit | edit source]

Gwonam[edit | edit source]

Gwonam has found that, due to an unforseen consequence, Ganondorf managed to break the barrior of magic surrounding his cage and fused with Ganon (yes, I am aware that they are the same person) and created Ganon

Bowser Under Attack!!![edit | edit source]

Bowser managed to recover from his stabbing, fall down the stairs, and surgeries, but was nearly killed when a drunken Princess Peach shot him with a fireball then attempted to use his shell as a, gulp, bathtub.  Bowser is currently with no shell, with most of the skin on his back ripped off along with his shell.  The Medics (both Red and Blue) are now attempting to get Bowser to the hospital as quickly as possible before he dies.  Whether he will live or not is currently unknown.  On a side note, Peach has been thrown in jail (yes, the shell too because they could not find her clothes) and she will not be on trial until Bowser is out of the hospital.

Duhweegee is our only hope? We're boned.[edit | edit source]

SHOCKING!!!  More information about Duhweegee has been revealed!!! As it turns out, Duhweegee was born with the entire number of Pi imprinted in his memory.  Apparently, this was caused by the Prophet of Intelligence to help combat King Dogonokoro, the King of Armageddon who, when he fully returns to power, will attempt to destroy the entire universe.  We now have a new threat, people!!! That threat is Duhweegee because he is our only hope!  I'm afraid we need to accept death with open arms. :(

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