Title for the Show.

"Stop calling me Mama Luigi. I already told you, I'M WEEGEE!"

Weegee, yelling at Yushi.

Super Malleo World is a show that features Malleo, Weegee, Princess Toadztul, Yushi, Toadz, and, of course, Bowza.

Mama Luigi?Edit

Mama Luigi? is the first episode to air. It contained Yushi, Malleo, Bowza (then known as King Kupa), Princess Toadztul, and a bright yellow colored Kupa who acted as Toadz' replacement because Toadz was busy fighting with Toad. It dealt with the disaterous hatching of Yushi and the raid on King Kupa's fortress. In the end, Weegee and Malleo tossed Yushi in King Kupas fort along with him and blew it up. After that, they decided to go get a burger.

The Yushi ShuffleEdit

In the Yushi Shuffle, Princess Toadstool came to Da Mushrum Kingdum to sign a "Peace Treaty" with Princess Toadztul. Unfortunately, Yushi kidnapped her and threatened to dumpp in a volcano unless he got a ransom for her from Weegee and Malleo. After a long debate, they aggreed to deliver the ransom so they could get rich off of her by holding her ransom. After they got her, they realized that they got duped and that it was a clone, making them realize that the real princess must still be in the Mushroom Kingdom, much to their dismay. After a LOOOOOOOOONG debate, they agreed to go get a burger.