Super Malleo Galaxy, more commonly reffered to as Supah Malleo Galaxy, is a game where Malleo decided to beat up Bowza for absolutely no reason whatsoever and repair the Weegee Comet.

It was composed of only 5 worlds and 3 sub-worlds (moons) in each galaxy and there were only 5 galaxies and 3 sub-galaxies (solar systems).

Galaxy 1: Malleo vs. CD-I!Edit

World 1: Mah Boi, You Must Die!

Sub-World 1: Link, Must Die!

World 2: King Harkinian Must Die!

World 3: Squadala Man Must Die!

Sub-World 2: Gwonam Must Die!

World 4: Impa and Zelda Must Die!

World 5: Mercy Man and Hey! Guy Must Die!

Sub-World 3: DIE! Man Must Die!!!

Sub-Galaxy 1: A Day in the Life of Malleo?Edit

Sub-World 1: Go Go Malleo!

Sub-World 2: Go Go Weegee!

Sub-World 3: Go Go Malleo Bros!

Galaxy 2: Malleo meets Mario?Edit

World 1: Peach must be defeated!

Sub-World 1: Daisy must be defeated!

World 2: Bowser Must Die!

World 3: The Koopalings Must Die!

Sub-World 2: Bowser Jr. Must Die!

World 4: Donkey Kong Must Die!

World 5: Luigi Must Die!

Sub-World 3: Mario Must Die!

Galaxy 3: Weegee's Haunted Galaxy?Edit

World 1: Mah Boi's Spirit is among us?

Sub-World 1: HOLY COW!

World 2: King Harkinian's Spirit's Revenge!

World 3: Impa's Sripit's Revenge!

Sub-World 2: The Spirits of Evil!

World 4: Zelda's Spirit's Revenge!

World 5: Duke Onkled's Spirit's Revenge!

Sub-World 3: Ganon's Spirit's Revenge!

Sub-Galaxy 2: Weegee's Wrath!Edit

Sub-World 1: Go Weegee Go!

Sub-Wolrd 2: Spukee Spiistur's Spukee Sprint?

Sub-World 3: Malleo's Fire?

Galaxy 4: The Might of the Burger King!Edit

World 1: Malleo's Fire!


World 2: Weegee's Fire!

World 3: The Strength of Brothers!

Sub-World 2: NOM NOM NOM!

World 4: Malleo's Might!

World 5: Weegee's Might!

Sub-World 3: The Burger King's Fall!

Galaxy 5: Is It Over?Edit

World 1: Malleo's Pride!

Sub-World1: Gwonam's Revenge!

World 2: Weegee's Pride!

World 3: Pride of The Fallen!

Sub-World 2: Bulahssus's Fall!

World 4: Pride of Mario Bros?

World 5: Pride of Malleo Bros!

Sub-World 3: Game over for King Bu!

The Last Challenge!Edit

World 1: Bowza's Fate!

True Mission!Edit

Repairing the Weegee Comet!

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