Peech, as she appears in New Super Malleo Bros Wii

Peech is Da Mushrum Kingdum equivalent to Peach.

Malleo is Missing!Edit

In Malleo is Missing!, Peech offered Weegee hints as to the whereabouts of the next Koopaling.

Super Malleo SunshineEdit

In Super Malleo Sunshine, Peech was captured by Bowser. She cried for Malleo to rescure him, but Bowser shut her up by knocking her out with a frying pan that he randomly found. She was eventually rescued by Malleo and Weegee.

Super Malleo GalaxyEdit

In Super Malleo Galaxy, Peech was once again captured by Bowser, but this time, was bound by iron chains to prevent her form escaping. Eventually, Malleo found her and when he found her bound in iron chains, he nearly killed Bowser with a random banana.

New Super Malleo BrosEdit

In New Super Malleo Bros, she was captured by Dry Bowza, who, unfortunately, killed himself with lava cream. When Malleo and Weegee got to the castle Dry Bowza held her in, they killed him for good, but once again, he used a one-up to revive himself to his normal ugly self.

New Super Malleo Bros WiiEdit

In New Super Malleo Bros Wii, Bowza and Kuhmehk kidnapped her again and held her in a cage like an animal. Eventually, Malleo found Bowza and Kuhmehk and killed them, thus saving the Princess.

Da Mushrum KingdumEdit

In Da Mushrum Kingdom, Peech ruled alongside Daizee.

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