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Mah boi

Mah Boi.

Faces of EvilEdit

This is where Mah Boi was born. When Link complained how boring the King's peace was, the King said: "Mah Boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for."

Link-The Faces of Mah BoiEdit

The Faces of Mah Boi is a good show that has to do with Link (Mah Boi), the King (Your Majesty), Gwonam (Squadala Man), Impa (Weird old hag), and Zelda ("Excuse me, princess!" Princess Zelda).thumb|300px|right|Mah Boi Mah Boi Mah Boi Mah Boi Mah Boi Boi Boi Boi Boi Boi

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