The Forbidden Lands (also called Jupiter) is a land where Yoshis thrive and do as they please.  Anyone trying to enter this planet's atmosphere will immediatley be crushed by 1,000,000 times the force of Earth's gravity.  These Yoshis apparently cannot live on any planet other than this one as the light gravity on other planets would immediatly make them move too fast and send them to space, where they would die of asphyxiation.  Jupiter looks like a giant gas ball, but the gasses surrounding it's real atmosphere is a disguise to hide the true beauty of the planet.  One time, UnYoshi visited this planet to talk to King Nokokama, but ended up killing him by accident when he ate a Bean Burrito that the Yoshis had made with way too many beans. The Yoshi king died of asphyxiation by toxic farting that came from UnYoshi when he ate the burrito.

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