Dry Bowsa is Da Mushrum Dingdum version of Dry Bowser and is the main antagonist of New Supah Malleo Bros. and New Super Malleo Bros. Whee and is the undead version of Bowza.

Dry KupalingsEdit

Dry Larree Kupa is a bit of a whine bag, complaining whenever he can.

Dry Roi Kupa is a bully who always wants to get what he wants.

Dry Lemmee Kupa is a clown who goofs off and make fun of others, thus injuring himself.

Dry Wendee O. Kupa tends to be a brat even though she's 16.

Dry Iggee Kupa is a genius but not as smart as Dry Loodwig Kupa.

Dry Mortun Kupa Jr. never shuts up and always talks smack about others, thus injuring himself.

Dry Loodwig Von Kupa is the smartest Kupaling, inventing whacky things that try to kill Malleo, yet fail everytime.


Dry Bowza Jr. is Dry Bowza's youngest son who tends to act like he's in charge, thus getting punished everytime he opens his mouth.

Dry Kuhmehk is the guy who barges in and screws things up. That's all he does.

New Super Malleo Bros.Edit

In this game, all he did was beg for mercy and eat nothing but Bran Bland Toad Muffins. He has 7 Dry Kupalings (no pictures for them either), and his Dry Magikupa is Dry Kuhmehk.

New Super Malleo Bros. WheeEdit

His next appearance is in New Super Malleo Bros. Whee where he has to fight Weegee for control of the WEEGEE program.


His origins are unknown, but one theory is that he ate a magic biscuit and became oh so dry. The only way that he could be revived was by eating a magic taco.

New Super Malleo Bros/Nu Soopur Mahllioh BrohsEdit

In New Super Malleo Bros/Nu Soopur Mahllioh Brohs, Dry Bowza made quite the dramatic comeback after Malleo killed him with a Barrel Roll! He pretty much still writes as if "hii duhsn't knohw howw too wraite." His special attack in this game is blabbing on about how he got dumped, duped, owned, pwn'd, and burned. Eventually, Malleo will get tired of listening and kill him automatically.

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