Bu's are ghosts that first appeared in Super Malleo Bros.3 When you look at them they get scare??d!!";@4&;93. You can beat them with ? M! A3 $ g; I9 c - s$t?a:r. ( Star is what it says) They appear in every other Malleo game after that. In Super Malleo 64 King boo is a boss on Bigger more annoying bu's haunt level 3848890?&2);. The Super Malleo games exept galaxy have ghost$ hou$e$ as the only bu levels. Exept NSMB on 8-1. In Malleo party 8 red bu s and Fat King Bu appear on King Bu's haunte$d hid34w4y. King Bu gives you a star for 3828843 coins haha just kidding you n33d 10 coyns.It's true look on Super Mario wiki.!?&$