That's Bowser.

Full Name

King Bowser Koopa

The REAL Bowser Family

The REAL Bowser Family!!! Weird, huh?

Bowser Clones

Just makes you want to cry, huh?



Bowser is the evil king of the Koopas.

Malleo is Missing!Edit

In Malleo is Missing!, he stole Malleo and had a stash of Adobe in his castle.

Da Mushrum KingdumEdit

In Da Mushrum Kingdum, he stole the precious Toadz Gem and took off with it, he was later seen being stabbed by Malleo.

Origin of kidsEdit

One time, Wendy looked in Bowser's room (Snooping as usual, I see?) and saw him fuck clean air and out of that air came Bowser Jr. As it is revealed Bowser's children came from clean fresh not-there air.

Super Mario Bros.Edit

This is his debut. He pretty much liked the taste of fire, so he decided to get a transplant where they implanted a Fire Breathing organ in him and he suddenly could breath fire and he got it all for free because he torched the bill, the surgeon, the donor, AND the receptionist. He tried to stop Mario, but Mario punched a button that made his freaking bridge fall into lava.

Super Mario Bros. 3Edit

He pretty much did the same in SMB except this time when you reach each castle, he fucks clean air and produces his Koopalings. He is fought on the last level and is defeated when he ass knocks a lot of brick blocks and falls to his bloody doom.

Super Mario WorldEdit

Now, he is back and badder than ever, NOT!!! He's just like he is as always, breathing fire and causing trouble. Not much is different from last game except he now has a weird wand...

Super Mario World 2Edit

He pretty much is now a spoiled brat due to a Babytality Ray that hit the entire world and babyfied most of the residents. At the end, he become a giant ass brat (no really) and tries to kill Yoshi. Yoshi knocks him flat on his ass and saves Luigi (yay!) and leaves to get high with his friends.

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