When Mario (in the show called Bagel) notices that the Cave People (called Cave Bagels in the show) absolutely SUCK at building, Bagel Luigi comes in and shows Mario the Stone Bagelball he made. After that, Bagel Luigi said that he chiseled it. Mario then asks Bagel Luigi to throw him a Bagel (Yum-de-yumyum!). After Bagel Luigi says that it's a bagel, he throws it, saying that it's not official Bagel. Mario then says that Bagel Luigi threw a bagel at him. Mario then decided to teach the Cave Bagels Organization and Bagelwork with BagelBall. All of a sudden, King Bagel's kids ( call them his bagels) shows up and plans to ruin the sport. After that scene, Mario tells the Cave Bagels that if they get to there (where is there?), they score a bagel (yum-de-yumyum!). After Mario asks who wants to go first with the bagel, Yoshi (also called Bagel in the show) says "Bagel Do! Bagel Do!" After Yoshi says "Pickadee, Puckadee, Bagel!", Mario says Tackle the Bagel. After that, the Cave Bagels tackle each other. After that, Yoshi tells Bagel Luigi to go long LOOOOOOOONG for the Bagel. Yoshi then decides to go get the bagel and Mario tells him to return to him. He then says that he has to stop yoshi before he Bagels Bagel Luigi. Out of nowhere, Bagel Luigi runs into a Bagel Wizard who tells him to watch where he's going and calls him a Bagelhead. Luigi then proceeds to call the Bagel Wizard a BagelFace. The Bagel Wizard then turns Bagel Luigi into an actual Bagel (Quite ironic). After the Bagel Wizard gets hit by a Bagelball, King Bagel's two kids come out of nowhere and randomly announce that Bagel Luigi was turned into a Bagel. Yoshi then finds what he thinks is a regular bagelball and proceeds to tackle Bagel Luigi. Mario then randomly shows up out of nowhere (like he always does) and tells Yoshi that he's out of Bagel(s). After a bunch of boring bagel scenes, Bagel Luigi is returned into his normal self and reveals his actual self, GAY LUIGI!!!!thumb|300px|right|The Story of Bagel Luigi in his most famous episode (second only to Bagel Luigi), Bagelball